Now Serving Clients in Over 500 Locations Distributed Over 5 Continents, Liangtse Wellness is a World Leader in Professional Health and Wellness Services

About Us

Liangtse Wellness was founded in mainland China in 1997 with a commitment to sharing natural healthcare and integrative massage services with a global community. With a deep foundation in traditional Chinese healing modalities, Liangtse Wellness has developed its own unique, natural, and high-quality treatment program, serving a prosperous and exacting clientele in Manhattan, US. Now serving clients in over 500 locations distributed over five continents, Liangtse Wellness is a leading provider of contemporary health and wellness therapies that are rooted in Eastern modalities.

The Five Elemental Aroma (Swedish Oil Massage)

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth

This massage will be performed using your choice of an essential oils based on one of the five elements from the front desk. Soothing and relieve local body part aches and soreness as the results of our day to day work or stress. Swedish technique will be used to effectively ease and relax the localized stiffness and discomfort. Finish this massage with a refreshed and energized body.

The Space


The Zen of Life

(Deep Tissue Massage)

The Five Elemental Aroma (Swedish Oil Massage)

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth

– with free hot stone

The Elegance of the Four Seasons

(Meridian Massage)

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