Foot Massage

Foot Massage brings new energy to your body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the first step is soaking your feet in hot water. It helps activate blood circulation, detoxing the body and restoring energy throughout the whole body. Followed by reflexology massage, in which our trained masseuse applies the pressure onto particular areas of the feet soles that correspond to specific body parts and organs. This practice stimulates the healing process and helps the body to restore itself to a healthy balance.

Moxa Machine Therapy

Moxa machine therapy is a form of heat therapy in Chinese Medicine. Moxa is a dried herb that ages 3-7 years. In Liangtse Wellness, we use 5-year-old moxa. Moxa is better when it gets older because it gives more heat and reaches deep parts of the body. This practice expels cold and body stagnation, plus increases the free flow of vital energy (Qi). Moxa is burned on or near acupuncture points and warms the body, improves blood circulation, relieves muscle pain. It’s the best treatment for the cold months.

Cupping (Air Suction)

Cupping therapy is designed to reduce aching and improve blood circulation. Cupping treatment is popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our licensed therapist puts special cups on the skin for no longer than 10 minutes to generate suction. This treatment draws toxins, regulates the Qi flow, helps recover from muscle fatigue, and removes pain. Cupping helps remove stagnation, increases blood flow, and brings a relaxed feeling.